Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coping with the Diagnosis

This post is for parents, parents, who, until now is in denial of their childs condition. I can relate to this, I've been there, and God knows how much I was hurt, (and still hurting) how my heart, my whole being suffered for my daughter, but I tell you, give yourself some time, its hard, yes I know, but one day you'll see and realized life is not over. Accepting your child and the condition will ease the pain, it took me 6 months to finally learn, tears, pity, hatred are not the answer and will never help my daughter. Let me share how I conquered Autism. On January 03, 1998, my daughter was 27 months old, the day she was diagnosed having autism, on this date and 6 months after was the darkest time of my life, one night I found myself playing with her like we used to do, and I saw my daughter, my princess, she's still my Michaella which I thought I have lost because of autism. We didnt lost our children, maybe they are different from other children but what they need is the same with the so called normal kids all we need to do is to love them more, try to be in thier said "world" and be patient as we can with them. In one seminar the speaker said... WE ARE SPECIAL IN GOD'S EYES THATS WHY WE HAVE SPECIAL KIDS.

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Samu said...

Hi there... :)

I read what you wrote, and i really appreciate that strenght you keep on inside you...

I don't have children but i totally agree with you. They could be different but they're ours. And we love them like they are. We love them too much. :)