Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disability Week (Autism Society of the Philippines)

It was celebrated at SM Molino Bacoor, through the effore of Autism Societyof the Philippines. The event was a success, the children and the teenagers who participated in this was so great. In this kind of event no body is making a remark with the wrong move or wrong turns, everybody apprciates what these kids can do and not what they cannot do. Most of the time these kids surprised their parents with their hidden talents, my daughter is doing beyond my expectations.

This is my daughter Michaella

Michaella with school mates and teacher Veron from HOPE (Heart of Peace)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dance Number

hey, hey.. that's my baby

this is bubuy (little one) with his big brother
these singers took our breath away, they sang very very well, the little one is the who has the disability... how I wish I had a cam during the event
this boy is from the Holy Nazarene School in Tanza, Cavite... sings well too
This dance group with little kids and grown ups, sad to say I forgot from what SpEd school they came from... sorry

This group of teeners came from Phil Sta ( I hope I wrote it correctly)

This is Shun, he is blind but can play the organ and sing at the same time, very talented boy. He is from HOPE, Noveleta

children having fun on the stage while the one who is holding the microphone is singing "Ako si Mr. Suave"

Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Teach Sitting to Autistic Children

Many activities that we want to do, requires sitting. At home, at school, seeing a movie, eating in a restaurant etc.

An autistic person generally does not like to sit except when they chose to, and while they are involve in an activity they have chosen. This inability to sit at other times, severely limits the activities and experiences they can involve in.
Children need to be able to sit, so they can learn toiletting, writing, academic skills and eating in a mannerly way.


- ascertain the rewards for the child-- toys, activities

- have the reward ready and with you

- say clearly and firmly "SIT" and prompt by tapping the chair

- immediately sit him in the chair. The initial demand is only 10 secs. hold the child in the chair for that time, ignore the tantrum and keep telling him "good sitting"

- reward him immediately with the chosen reward and let him leave the chair while saying "Good Sitting"

- Begin to move him to other chairs in other parts of the house, have him sit for the same amt. of time, 10 secs. and reward him immediately.

- when he can sit for 10 secs. begin to increase the time for 20 secs.

- continue with increasing the time, very gradually, and practicing the sitting in different chairs and different places.

- Begin to generalize, have the other member of the family do the sitting program.

- Notice and praise "good siting" when it is naturally occurring.

Toiletting Pragramme for Autistic Children

Most children affected by Autism exhibit difficulties or delayed in all general areas of functioning, including that of toilet training. Here are some tips to toilet train your child, these tips are proven effetive, I can attest to this.

It is not easy you will experience resistance from sitting or waiting, resistance to be touched, resistance to having preffered activities interrupted, screaming, crying but in time your child will get the point and eventually learn. Remember, be firm and consistent.

1.Say "Pants Down"

Everyday bring your child to the toilet every 15 mins. (whole day everyday basis) guide his/her hand on how to unzip or pull down the pants if she's a girl sit her on the bowl or if he's a boy let him hold his pennis and

2. Say "Do Wee-wee"

3. "Good-boy/girl" or "Oh! no wee-wee - sounding disappointed

4. "Pants-up"
if she/he doesnt respond guide the hand to pull up the pants or zip up.

5. "Flush"
if she/he doesnt respond guide the hand.

6. "Wash Hands" - children are expected to:
turn tap on
take soap
wash hands
replace soap
rinse hands
turn tap off
wipe hands with towel
Some children will need to be:
a) verbally prompted through these stages or
b) patterned through these steps.

7. "Finish, go and... play, sit or whatever is happening next.

It took a year for my daughter to finally go by herself, so I recommend not to use potty trainer. If you use the potty trainer then you will have to do the work again for the use of toilet bowl. for convenience you should get one of those toilet seats for toddlers. Like this for girls...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Wala (nothing, none) is a short word, but just a week ago my daughter learns to say the word, i can feel she's excited with her new tagalog word, before she used to pronounce it "lam" but now she is very proud to say "wala". She's 12 but Iam very happy with her improvements, I can never go back to the days when she was 2, 3, 4 years old... and I was'nt expecting she will be like she is today...