Monday, September 1, 2008

Echolalia on Autism (echolalic)

Speech delay... the most common sign of Autism. Although some children are speaking before they reach the age of 18 months, eventually it will disappear. My daughter was starting to talk at the age of 1, but then it was all gone by the age of 18 months, everything she learned disappear.

This post is about how to teach a child to communicate, its not easy but with patience and love everything is possible... children with or without autism start to talk by babbling... with autism it can be very hard for the child since they dont know how to imitate, but when they learn to imitate they tend to display another problem being an echolalic. Echolalia - is like this, the child is talking but only repeats all the words she/he hear, example.. if they are ask "how are you?" she/he will reply with the same question. This can be corrected... you will need somebody to whisper in her ear, when you talk to the child make sure someone is there to tell her the right words to reply, example.. if you ask the child "what is your name?" then the 3rd person should whisper the name of the child to the child. This should be done everytime you are speaking to the him/her, that means 24/7. Until she/he gets the point.

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