Monday, July 28, 2008

Toiletting Pragramme for Autistic Children

Most children affected by Autism exhibit difficulties or delayed in all general areas of functioning, including that of toilet training. Here are some tips to toilet train your child, these tips are proven effetive, I can attest to this.

It is not easy you will experience resistance from sitting or waiting, resistance to be touched, resistance to having preffered activities interrupted, screaming, crying but in time your child will get the point and eventually learn. Remember, be firm and consistent.

1.Say "Pants Down"

Everyday bring your child to the toilet every 15 mins. (whole day everyday basis) guide his/her hand on how to unzip or pull down the pants if she's a girl sit her on the bowl or if he's a boy let him hold his pennis and

2. Say "Do Wee-wee"

3. "Good-boy/girl" or "Oh! no wee-wee - sounding disappointed

4. "Pants-up"
if she/he doesnt respond guide the hand to pull up the pants or zip up.

5. "Flush"
if she/he doesnt respond guide the hand.

6. "Wash Hands" - children are expected to:
turn tap on
take soap
wash hands
replace soap
rinse hands
turn tap off
wipe hands with towel
Some children will need to be:
a) verbally prompted through these stages or
b) patterned through these steps.

7. "Finish, go and... play, sit or whatever is happening next.

It took a year for my daughter to finally go by herself, so I recommend not to use potty trainer. If you use the potty trainer then you will have to do the work again for the use of toilet bowl. for convenience you should get one of those toilet seats for toddlers. Like this for girls...

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