Monday, June 30, 2008


As I stare at my 12 year old daughter, I cant help but wonder what's in her mind? Since she cannot express herself very well because of her Autism. I always pity her because of her condition but on the other hand I envy her, why? Autistic people as always described as in their shell, for me they are lucky in the sense that they dont have to deal with intriguing issues people do to each other, they dont care or worry about anything, their happiness is so shallow, my daughter is happy with fried chicken, she's having a goodtime staring with her labelled bottles, watching movie over and over again. So that's why they are SPECIAL, they are too special that God never let them see nor hear the harshness of Humanity. Us? what are the things that can make us happy? "Normal" people are the ones who are hard to please, normal people are the ones who are hard to get along with, normal people are the ones who gives burden to the people around them. So, what's wrong with these people so called "NORMAL"?

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Anonymous said...

Yes,you are right, we are failing here due to having of all snse of organs, because this world is titally filled with selfish and correpted people.So your view about your innocent daughter is right here. Raju